US Sends fighter Aircraft at NATO mission to Europe

2016-04-03 07.49.57The U.S. Air Force will soon dispatch its most advanced fighter jet, the F-22 Raptor, to Europe in a show of solidarity with allies that have concerns about Russian actions in Ukraine, Air Force leaders said Monday.

“Russia’s military activity in the Ukraine continues to be of great concern to us and to our European allies,” Air Force Secretary Deborah James, the service’s top civilian, said at a briefing. “This inaugural F-22 training deployment will train with our joint partners and our NATO allies across Europe as part of our continued effort to assure our allies and demonstrate our commitments to security and stability of Europe.”

James said security concerns prevented her from disclosing exactly when and where the aircraft would deploy, but Gen. Mark Welsh III, the Air Force chief of staff, gave some clues.

“We’ll get the F-22 into facilities that we would potentially use in a conflict in Europe, things like the bases where we do aviation attachments, to places where we do air-policing missions,” Welsh said.

The stealthy F-22s, which Welch called the service’s “best air-to-air capability,” became operational in 2005 but only saw their first combat in attacks on ISIS positions in Syria late last year. Besides attacking other aircraft, they can be configured to bomb ground targets.

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Murder of a man of peace: Muslim shopkeeper who wished his ‘beloved Christian nation’ a Happy Easter is stabbed 30 times by a FELLOW MUSLIM who sat laughing on his dying victim’s chest

40-year-old Asad Shah, a Muslim shopkeeper from the Scottish Glasgow, was Maundy Thursday stabbed to death by up to 30 stabs with a kitchen knife in her own shop.
muslim killed

Hours before the brutal killing of the trader, who was a very popular man in his locality, he wished happy Easter on his facebook profile.

Happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation’, sounded Asad Shah’s message on Facebook.

His killer allegedly traveled all the way from his home in Bradford to Asad Shah’s business in Glasgow – a journey of about 320 kilometers – to carry out its brutal act. Police are now working from a theory that there was a religious motive behind the murder of the popular store owner.

Following is a fundraising page set up to raise money for Asad Shah’s bereaved family. In only two days are the donations overthrown in, so there are now collected more than 50,000 British pounds – equivalent to almost half a million Danish kroner.

Asad Shah was allegedly a member of the Ahmadi community who advocate for peace and tolerance. In Pakistan there have been some examples of that community members have been persecuted by orthodox Islamic sects, and now it is feared that the murder of Asad Shah represents the first anti-Ahmadi killings in Britain.

Scottish police after the murder arrested a 32-year-old Muslim man.

VIDEO | Would YOU holiday on the moon? Esa reveals plans for lunar resort that will let tourists bask in constant sunshine

You might want to start planning ahead for your future vacation – in 20 years, you could be taking a holiday on the moon.
Head of the European Space Agency, Johann-Dietrich Woerner has revealed ideas for an international ‘Moon Village’ that combines the capabilities of space-faring nations around the world.
This settlement – which could be available by 2030 – would be built using natural resources from the lunar surface to create a permanent base for the purpose of science, business, and even tourism.

Roughly 50 years after humans first walked on the moon, Woerner says the next step is to establish a permanent base that can be used similarly to the International Space Station.
The expert recommends settlement at the poles or in areas of constant daylight on the far side of the moon.
At the South Pole, in a region of continuous darkness, humans could access water to produce hydrogen and oxygen.
And in the shadow of the moon, he explains, settlers would be protected from incoming cosmic and solar radiation.
These locations would also reduce risks of micrometeorites, and extreme temperatures.
This would be a suitable location to build a radio telescope with the moon’s natural resources, in lieu of bringing materials from Earth.
The Moon Village idea aims to be a versatile facility that opens the door for deeper space exploration, while also acting as a hub for business or mining.
And, the expert says it could be used recreationally for tourists.

The expert suggests tapping into the water-ice, metals, and minerals naturally found on the moon in order to print 3D building elements or entire structures for the construction and maintenance of the base.
First, a rover would set down on the moon and inflate a dome, around which more rovers would then begin to construct a building, Woerner proposes.
This structure would be used to protect astronauts.

While many nations – in particular the US – have their sights set on the journey to Mars, Woerner says a Moon Village is a closer reality.
‘I totally agree that this is right, humans will go to Mars one day,’ Woerner says in the video,’ but this is a little bit far away in the future.’
The ESA Director General says the Moon Village would join American, Russian, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese space agencies, along with smaller contributions from other countries.
The technology is an estimated 20 years from achieving this goal, but the expert says a moon settlement is a necessity and could be ‘the next giant leap for human kind.’

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